Seaside Low-Country Chili

"When creating my recipe for your contest, I wanted to create a special chili, that represent my family, me and last but not least the amazing Black Box Pinot Grigio wine we love. I call this chili, Seaside Low-Country Chili. A smooth decadent chili, filled with luscious seaside shrimp, crab, wine, spices, onion, pepper, corn and creamy melt in your mouth flavors in every bite."

Prep Time


Cook Time


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Main Protein



butter 1/4 butter,, 1 cup chopped,, 1 cup chopped, + 6 whole,, 1/3 cup,, 2 cloves, minced,, 1 teaspoon,, 1 teaspoon,, 1 teaspoon,, 1 teaspoon,, 1 teaspoon,, 1 tablespoon,, 4 cups,, 2 cups,, 2 cups kernels,+ 6 slices corn,, 1 cup,, 1/2 cup,, 16-oz., 2 cups , boneless, skinless & chopped,, 24-oz. deveined & peeled, 6 for garnish,, 6 for garnish,, used for garnish
sweet onion
sweet red pepper,
Black Box Pinot Grigio Wine
Fiesta seasoning
ground white pepper
ground mustard
cumin seed
celery seed
chili powder
chicken broth
petite diced tomatoes
corn kernels, +slices
heavy cream
bread crumbs
crap claw meat
chicken breast, fully cooked,
jumbo shrimp
small biscuits,
*bamboo skewers,
red pepper flakes,


1.  Heat butter over medium-high heat in Dutch oven. Add onion, cut pepper & wine. As wine reduces, add garlic & all seasonings, cook 5 minutes. Stir to add, broth, tomatoes, corn kernels, cream. Sprinkle to add bread crumbs, stir & cook 5 minutes. Reserve 6 shrimp. Add crab, chicken breast & remaining shrimp, stir. Reduce to simmer, stir occasionally cook 10 minutes.
2.   Ladle chili in 6 bowls. Add biscuit, pepper, reserved shrimp cooked & corn slice onto each skewer; add to serving bowl, sprinkle with pepper flakes; serve.