Global Meatless Chili W Coffee

"This recipe is one I've been cooking since I became a vegetarian almost 40 years ago. It blends Cuban and Mediterranean flavors reflecting my heritage and chili that I grew up eating. Barley replaces the meat for chewiness, black coffee gives it depth of flavor and veggies round it out. A wonderful chili that everyone that tries enjoys & asks for the recipe! This chili won a cookoff contest at my workplace. It's the best chili I've ever had. Always a hit. Smells great, too!"

Prep Time

20 min

Cook Time

1 hr

Paired With

Main Protein



yellow onion 1 chopped, 2 tbs minced, 3 tbs, 3 tbs, 1/2 tsp, dash, 3 tbs, 2 tbs, 2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 5 drops, 1 small can, 1 cup, 40 oz can, rinsed, 16 oz can, rinsed, 16 oz can, seasoned, 2/ 16 oz cans, rinsed, 2, large, chopped small, 32 ounce can, 16 ounce can, 1/2 small bag [dried], 3 tbs, as needed, OPTIONAL- I package, OPTIONAL- 1 cup, OPTIONAL- dollop on top
minced garlic
chili powder
black pepper
cayenne pepper
dark brown sugar
dark molasses
garlic salt
Adobo salt
dried thyme
liquid smoke [hickory]
diced green chilies
strong black coffee, brewed
dark red kidney beans
cannellini beans
refried beans
black beans
red bell peppers
crushed tomatoes
stewed tomatoes
pearl barley
vegetable oil
yellow mexican rice
dark raisins
sour cream


In large sauce pot, place vegetable oil & heat to medium high. Put all spices listed into oil and cook on medium heat for approx 5 minutes til fragrant. Add in yellow onion, garlic, red pepper, cook on high for 3 minutes until translucent. If vegetables begin to stick, add 1/4 cup of water. Stir constantly. Add in crushed and stewed tomato, coffee, barley. Bring to boil, cook 5 minutes, stir often. Reduce to simmer [low heat, level 2 electric] and add all else. Cook with lid 1/2 on pan to let stem out. Stir often as it cooks, checking frequently. Add water to adjust thickness if necessary. Cook for one hour. This chili will thicken as it cooks. Can serve as is or over yellow Mexican style rice if desired. Sprinkle raisins over top of rice if desired for sweetness and chewy texture. You can also put a small dollop of sour cream over the top of each individual bowl.