Garbage Chili

"This is a chili that uses anything left in your fridge, chicken , beef bacon. Use any canned beans and chick peas, mushroomsPlain Tomato sauce, chilis, peppers."

Prep Time


Cook Time


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Main Protein



Chicken or beef cooked 1lb, 2cloves, 1can each, 1small, 1 12oz. Can, 1 small, 1 can 8 oz., 1
Garlic minced
Beans white,navy, black, pinto
Peppers sweet diced
Tomato sauce plain
Spicy pepper any kind to your taste
Onions diced


Add minced garlic to sauté w/ a dash of any oil for cooking in a cast iron fry pan.
Sauté peppers & onions in same pan
Add tomato sauce to pan simmer. Taste add spice if needed.( garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder) dash of molasses. Pinch of brown sugar dark. Stir until incorporated. Rinse beans and add. Gently stir. Simmer. Taste. Add meats simmer 1hour. Enjoy