Fritz’s Chili

"Started making this back in college since it was affordable and easy to make. Came up with the recipe on my own and have gotten rave reviews on it."

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

30 minutes

Paired With

Main Protein



Black Beans 15oz, 15oz, 15oz, 15oz, 28oz, 12oz, 15oz, 1 while onion
Pinto Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Chili Beans
Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
Tomato Paste
Cayenne Pepper Black Beans
Diced Onion


Cook and season hamburger with salt, black&red pepper, onion powder and chili powder. 

Add cooked hamburger to a large pot and add all the listed ingredients. Add 2-3 cups water.

Season with salt, black&red pepper, onion powder, chili powder and chili 9000 seasoning.

Cook until all ingredients have mixed and a good consistency and heat is achieved.

Serve and top bowls with shredded cheddar cheese.