Depot Chile

"The main flavor enhancer in this one is the smoked short rib. You have the kidney beans, expresso, roasted scotch bonnet to taste, dash of vinegar for bite. Chile powder garlic salt pepper. Pour over jalapeño cornbread with sour cream on top."

Prep Time

5 hrs

Cook Time


Paired With

Main Protein



At least 5 hour Smoked beef short rib 2 lb, 1 cup, More for hot or less for mild, 1 can, 1tbsp, 4 cloves, 1 cup, 4 tbsp
Kidney beans
Roasted scotch bonet peppers
Tomato paste
Expresso powder
Fresh Garlic
Chopped onions
Chili powder


Put all ingredients in croc pot on low for a min of 3 hours.  Serve over corn bread but better over jalapeño cornbread with sprinkled cheese and a dialup of sour cream.