Deep in the Heart

"My chili incorporates the rich agricultural diversity of the great State of Texas from the beef to the sweetness of the Texas Dewberry which flows from the beer to the cobbler that finishes a hearty meal and pairs nicely with a glass of Black Box Merlot."

Prep Time

30 minutes

Cook Time

2.5 hours

Paired With

Main Protein



Ground Beef (93/7) 1.5 lbs, 1 lbs, 3 links, 1 bottle, .5 jar, 1 large, 2 cans 14.5 oz each, 4, 2 Tbsp, 1, 1 tsp, 2 Tbsp, 1 tsp, 1 tsp, 1 tsp, 1 large, 2 Tbsp, .5 cup, To Season, 1 uncooked cup
Ground Bison
Chopped Sausage
Dewberry Beer
Sofrito tomato base
Red bell pepper
Diced Stewed tomatoes
Pickled jalapenos
Olive oil
Poblano pepper
Kosher salt
Chili powder
Ground cumin
Yellow onion
Black pepper
White rice


  1. Brown separately in olive oiled skillets the ground beef,bison and chopped sausages
  2. Seasoned the beef and bison with kosher salt and black pepper
  3. Add green bell pepper, red bell pepper and onion to the beef and bison.
  4. Drain any excess fat from the beef and bison
  5. Transfer all meats to four-quart sauce pot
  6. Add tomato base and diced stewed tomatoes
  7. Add chili powder, cumin,oregano and paprika
  8. Add beer
  9. Blend in honey
  10. Add water
  11. Stir frequently, bring to boil
  12. Lower heat to simmer
  13. Stirring frequently
  14. Prepare white rice per package instructions
  15. Enjoy